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Inspect, evaluate and diagnose your in-use IT systems to provide performance optimization solutions

Service area

 Network system optimization

 Operating system optimization

 Application system optimization

 Database, middleware optimization

Main Content

 From the aspects of structure level, VLAN, IP address, and virtual network, start reasonable structure optimization;

 Through the Internet behavior management, business differentiation, multicast applications and route optimization, make the network run efficiently;

 Through the investigation of risk assessment, hardware performance, key equipment, and key modules, find out single points of failure and reduce the failure rate;

  Perform architectural and systematic performance tuning of various application services;

  Rationally plan the operating system's cache space and storage space to achieve a read-write balance of the operating system;

  Considering security, efficiency, and other considerations, optimize computing resources through shutting down, relocating, and merging;

  Optimize the operating environment and backup strategy for Oracle, SQL, etc. to improve the operating efficiency;

  For intermediate service software such as tomcat, weblogic, websphere, etc., the environmental parameters are adjusted.