Service Content 

Through on-demand call, on-site operation and maintenance, regular inspections and other support methods, combined with advanced operation and maintenance management tools, provide security services for your IT system to run uninterruptedly.

Service area

 Energy basic operation and maintenance

 Communication network operation and maintenance

 Data Center Operation and Maintenance

 Desktop terminal operation and maintenance

 Conference system operation and maintenance

 Monitoring system operation and maintenance

Main Content

 7*24-hour help desk support, multi-channel service portal (eg: WeChat, email, phone...)

 Work order management system, allowing the entire service process to be visible

 Independent quality control, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction

  Service big data analysis, standard service deliverables (eg asset reports, inspection reports, daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, annual reports, ...)

  Pay attention to Wuhan Defa WeChat public number and obtain timely IT updates